So, what’s this site all about then?

Hello, I’m Plain, Simple Tom and if you can feel, then I can heal.

Not really, that’s just a quote from a TV show. Tell me which one and you’ll win a prize!

Not really. Sorry for getting your hopes up there. Anyway, I am from South Wales, I love film and television and on this blog, you will find various film/TV reviews from me, the plain and simple one.

I will try to review as many new movies as possible, as soon as I see them in the cinema and I will also make an effort to look at some beloved (or maybe not so) classics, whenever I feel inspired to watch them.

I realise that my insights will hardly be mind blowing or coherent; as the title suggests, I’m just a regular schnook (name that reference!) typing down my thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them down.

The years included in the review title come from IMDB.

Happy Viewing,

Plain, Simple Tom

P.S. The TV show was “Frasier”

P.P.S. Hello to Jason Isaacs

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