From the Amazon archives: “Her” (2014): “Lying on the moon…”

When I saw the trailer for this movie, it definitely didn’t appeal to me. I mean, I thought that the idea of a guy having a relationship with his phone sounded slightly idiotic and throughout the trailer, I was seriously expecting that classic twist where they get into the relationship, but then he meets someone else, then “the phone” gets jealous and kills the other girl and he finds out and he’s like “No! What have you done?!” and she’s all like “I did it for us. Now we can be together” and then the movie ends with him yelling “NOOOO!” upwards. Then the film ends.

OK, seriously now.

Despite my initial doubts, this is an excellent film. Visually, it is stunning with so many bright colours and beautiful locations; it certainly looks like an exciting future. The music is also wonderful; the piano pieces brought tears to my eyes and “The Moon Song” is simply magnificent. Kudos to Arcade Fire as well!

I am not a huge Joaquin Phoenix fan, but I will admit that he is great in this film, as is Scarlett Johansson. I find it amazing that she can be the best thing about this film without even physically appearing on screen.

I thought that the film was often funny, often emotional and always engaging. It perhaps made me question things about modern technology as well, though I won’t go into detail.

There aren’t too many negative points, but if I had to pick some, it would be that there is no real conflict in this movie and at times, it may be a little sugar sweet (nit-picking there!). Also, I hate to criticise Amy Adams as she is amazing, but honestly she had relatively little to do in this film apart from being the obvious choice for Joaquin Phoenix to end up with.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful, funny film that looks amazing and often had me tearing up , which not many films are able to do. Thoroughly engaging – a big well done to Spike Jonze!

5 Stars.

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