From the Amazon archives: “Nebraska” (2014): A Masterpiece in Monochrome

To make it short and sweet, this is one of the best films that  I’ve seen in a while and for the life of me, I cannot honestly think of any negative points, though I’m sure that there are indeed some.

Let’s start with Bruce Dern. As Danny Leigh has said, some faces were made for monochrome and his is one. He is funny, mesmerising and incredibly talented; he is perfect in the role. Also worth noting is June Squibb, who is just as good as Dern. Again, hilarious and talented, she is a wonderful character and a joy to watch. In fact, the entire cast performs excellently: the two Coen-esque cousins are both hilarious and Stacy Keach makes for a wonderfully hissable villain.

The story itself is original, so ever so slightly similar to “The Straight Story”, and the dialogue is natural and funny. The more serious moments are never “manipulative” and the film successfully manages to create genuine support the main protagonists.

Visually, this film is a marvel and the locations are beautiful and very well captured. The music is also wonderful, having a similar sound to the aforementioned “Straight Story”. I could go on gushing forever happened how great the film is but I would just end up repeating myself!

In conclusion, this is a genuine, mesmerising, thought-provoking piece of art, which is well acted and filmed. Wonderful.

5 Stars.

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