“It Follows” review: “The Sex/Death Factor”

I don’t usually go to the cinema to see horror films, but since “The Babadook” was a personal highlight of my previous film year, I thought it would be a good idea to see another horror film this year.

On the positive side, this is definitely a unique film and for the most part, it avoids horror movie clichés. Though the film moves at a very leisurely pace, it is very rarely boring and there is just enough going on to hold our interest. “It Follows” is certainly well written and very skilfully directed.
Maika Monroe is excellent as the film’s protagonist, successfully carrying the film and ensuring that the audience genuinely cares about her well being. As others have commented, it was also nice to see supporting characters that aren’t completely annoying and who actually help the protagonist.
The music is also excellent and definitely helps in creating an uncertain, tense atmosphere.

However, I have to say that I didn’t find it scary in the slightest. I don’t doubt that this film will effectively frighten many others, but for me, I struggled to find any genuinely scary moments. Maybe it’s unfair to constantly compare these two films, but I honestly believe that “The Babadook”, though it includes a certain number of clichés, is twice as scary. This film is certainly more of a psychological thriller than a horror film.

I also have to say that after I left the cinema and started walking to the train station, I saw someone walking towards me in exactly the same way as “it” does in the film and, at least for a second, I believed that “it” was going to get me!

In conclusion, this is a unique, original, intelligent film that avoids horror clichés and contains a definite sense of tension and unease. I just wish that it was scarier.

4 Stars

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