From LOVEFILM: “Coherence”: Dinner for Doppelgangers

This is clearly a very intelligent film that successfully encourages the audience to engage their brains and become involved with the puzzle that is being presented; as someone who has trouble “switching off” during films, “Coherence” definitely has to be admired for its complexity and intrigue. The film also succeeds in creating a tense, uncertain atmosphere that continually holds our interest and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.
I loved the scientific elements, including the theories of “Decoherence” and the like; it was definitely one of the more fascinating elements of the piece and I only wish that they could have included just a bit more as I found those theories completely engaging and interesting.
One thing that I also liked about this film was the naturalistic dialogue, especially at the beginning, where you completely believe that these are real people and the way that they interact with each other is very authentic and natural.

I will also say that the film is not perfect; there are certain moments where interest declines slightly, most noticeably during the scenes involving characters’ love lives and relationships.

In conclusion, this is a thoroughly engaging, intelligent film that avoids Hollywood cliché and successfully delivers a tense, unnerving atmosphere throughout.

4 Stars

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