“War and Peace” Episode Three

So it looks like we’re done with the “War”, and now we’ve moved on to the “Peace”! Or maybe not, since my knowledge on Tolstoy and history in general is sadly lacking!

Ummm, I don’t think that there’s too much to say about the latest episode; I have written up on the previous two though, so I shall make an effort to write about this one…

Still good. The parts that struck me most were the scenes in the second half where the beautiful cinematography and gorgeous locations came into play. I mean, the scene involving Pierre and Andrei set up against a red sky and dark, solitary tree definitely had a profound impact on me and the accompanying music, in the second half in particular, was truly wonderful. These later scenes also succeeded in presenting themes of change, especially in Andrei, and life after battle. This particular episode also let me appreciate the locations and sets, which were brilliantly used. For the most part, watching this episode felt like being wrapped up in a silk blanket!

And onto the performances yet again! This episode definitely gave an equal share of screen time to various characters, allowing many to have their moments. Tom Burke was decidedly dastardly as Dolokhov, though he does seem to recover from a serious wound pretty quickly (see my episode 2 review for a similar qualm!), and Adrian Edmondson had a lot more to do as kind hearted Ilya Rostov. And (you know I can’t write a WAP post without mentioning her!) Tuppence Middleton was particularly sultry and devilish and her “sweet boy” delivery brought a grin to my face!

And of course, I guess that I have to mention the final ballroom scene, since it was all over Twitter after the episode! It was indeed suitably lavish and well staged and once again, the music, or lack of, at certain times, was great.

I’m sure that there’s lots more to be said, but writing this the day after, (owing to a late night viewing of “Deutschland 83” and an early morning start the next day!) I think that I’ve probably forgotten most of what I wanted to say.

Oh, the aftermath of the gambling scene reminded me of the Robert Patrick episode of “The Sopranos”. That is all.

Verdict: B+ (though it is difficult to grade this particular episode, since most of it is subtle and easy going)


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