Final Thoughts: “Penny Dreadful” Series One

So I was really looking forward to watching this series, given the positive reviews and the fact that Eva Green was in it. Of course, this series has been around for a little bit but I haven’t got Sky or Netflix, so this may be coming a little late!

“Penny Dreadful” does indeed have appealing visuals; it is clearly quite a stylish series and the music is also good. Also, the cast performs well, especially Eva Green, Billie Piper and Rory Kinnear, whose “Caliban” character is fascinating and complex. And there are some fun guest appearances from Alun Armstrong and Helen McCrory, who looks right at home in the gothic style!

However, the series didn’t quite live up to expectations for me. Granted, there were a few exciting scenes, but the rest of it tends to get rather dull and sometimes even pretentious, with long winded monologues about…stuff. I kept watching, waiting for the “wow” moment, but sadly, it just didn’t happen.

In summary, the series starts off with an interesting premise but over the course of the series, it doesn’t go very far.

Verdict: 3 Stars

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