Final Thoughts: “Spin” Series Two

I’ll start by saying that I don’t actually have too much to say about this series of “Spin”; most of my thoughts I have already given in my series one overview, but I’ll try to give some new opinions here.

Overall, I think that the second series improves on the first, since it features darker themes and a story where more things are going on. It is more similar to “House of Cards” than the first, given its storylines relating to hostage situations in foreign countries and the like. Since the action primarily takes place at the Élysée Palace, the stakes for this series are naturally bigger.

As for the issue of female characters, there is certainly an improvement in this series. As predicted, Carole Bouquet made for a complex, engaging presence and also, Aure Atika is wonderful as Gabrielle; the development of her relationship with Simon is great to watch. However, the character of Rose replaces Valentine as the “girly, cry-y one”!

If I had to give some negative points, I would say that for me, this isn’t the most exciting of series. There is just about enough to keep us interested, but there aren’t really any “wow moments” such as can be found in other, similar shows.

All in all, the series pretty much stays on the same level as the first, though it is slightly better, given its deeper, darker storyline and stronger characters.

Final Verdict: 4 Stars

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