Plain, Simple Tom re-reviews “Deadpool” (2016)

In an unprecedented move, I’ve decided to re-review a certain film that I saw in the cinema this year, ahead of my final round-up at the end of the year. I can already hear the other 18 films that I’ve seen this year screaming “Hey! How come we don’t get a second chance?!” Well, the main reason that Deadpool gets another shot is that when I went to see it, I was in an incredibly uncomfortable sitting position (too far forward, too far to the right, limited leg room, no room on my right hand side so I had to hold my right arm at an uncomfortable angle over my chest . . .) and I’ve always believed that this was a major factor in my not loving the film as much as most others did. (Captain America: Civil War, on the other hand, was a PERFECT viewing experience!)

So I believe that there was just cause for wanting to see this film again and perhaps re-evaluating my opinion of it. The other films of this year on the other hand, I’m perfectly satisfied with my final opinions.

Cutting to the chase, I enjoyed this film much more the second time around.

As before, Ryan Reynolds is awesome, playing the pivotal “merc with the mouth” with massive charisma, charm, style and humour. And of course, Morena Baccarin is great and the interplay between her and Reynolds is perfect, even more noticeable the second time around. The soundtrack is awesome (shoop!) and certain scenes, especially the 12 bullet shootout and the holiday sex montage, are incredible.

In my original review, I thought that “the jokes were more miss than hit and that the outrageous, crude humour was perhaps used a bit too often” but I’m glad to say that I’ve done a complete 180 on this opinion. The one liners come thick and fast in Deadpool and actually, most of them are sharp and hilarious. In addition, I enjoyed the outrageousness of it all and appreciated that, unlike the relatively clean cut approach of other Marvel films, this film is far more ballsy, not pandering to a younger audience and having fun throwing the swearing, violence and nudity around like crazy.

I also claimed that not too much happened but in rewatching it, I realise that Deadpool is quite compact and that it avoids being overblown and sprawling. It’s a simple enough story executed with obvious style and panache.

However I still stand by my opinion that the opening credit joke is a bit of a misfire, though the effort is laudable, and that Collossus is too much of a “doof”, a far cry from Daniel Cudmore’s version in X2 and onwards. Plus, I still think that they could have found a way around the whole “empty X-Men mansion” bit, rather than making a far too obvious joke about it all.

“You only gave it 3 stars?!”

So in conclusion people, I’m happy to say that I found Deadpool far more enjoyable the second time around – it was definitely funnier and more exciting- and it has definitely earned that fourth star.

★ ★ ★ ★

Oh, and you can see my original review HERE. I mean, if you want. It’s not that good.

And now that I’ve given Deadpool another shot, maybe I’ll do the same for Ex Machina . . .

6 thoughts on “Plain, Simple Tom re-reviews “Deadpool” (2016)

  1. Dude, it sounds like you were sitting in a milk crate the first time you watched it, lol. Glad you gave it another shot and that it worked in the film’s favor since it’s one of my faves of 2016. The only part of this review I’ll disagree with is your dislike of the opening credits. I thought that was perfect in every way.

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  2. I love those moments when I rewatch a film I felt iffy on the first time and liking it more the second time around… Now it’s time for a third watch with the whole family during Christmas! 😉

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  3. Good re-review of the movie. Personally, I still like this movie (totally hilarious). The only thing is that it weak bad guy and that the movie feels somewhat small for a superhero movie (whether that was by design or not)

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  4. Wow pretty interesting how just sitting comfortable can change the experience of a whole film, you don’t really think about that. So glad you liked it more!! 😀

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