Achievement unlocked, right?

Since I once marked my first 1,000 views with a post last May (seemingly eons ago), I guess that it’s only fitting to celebrate adding an extra zero to that total! 🙌

And of course to thank myself all of y’all who contributed to those 10,000 views and who continue to read my plain, simple thoughts; it goes without saying that you’re all awesome, your posts are illuminating and you’re the coolest bunch of people that a timid sap like me could ask for.

I don’t have anything extra special to go with this post, so here be my five most popular posts that have contributed most to the 10,000 over the past 19 months:

  1. Final Thoughts: “Friends From College” (This particular one is breaking ALL kinds of personal bests thanks to IMDB!)
  2. “Deadpool”: “What’s my name?!”
  3. Final Thoughts: Magnifica 70
  4. Final Thoughts: “GLOW”
  5. The Great Villain Blogathon 2017: Robert Mitchum as Rev. Harry Powell in “The Night of the Hunter” (1955)

That’s about it. Thanks again for reading, you’re all the best and just like last year, celebrate with me by grabbing a piece of imaginary cake and/or an imaginary glass of champagne (Just don’t go getting imaginary drunk, then driving your imaginary car and then getting put in the imaginary drunk tank! I can’t handle another imaginary lawsuit . . .)


Plain, Simple Tom

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