Films of 2016:The Good, The Bad and the “Whyyyy!?”

An exciting time for any film fan is surely the start of the year, where they can look at a big ‘ol list of upcoming films and try to plan out which of them they will be watching in the coming months. Now, I’m guessing that so many others have done this, but here are some of the films that I will be sure to catch this year, as well as a few comments on each.

The Hateful Eight: Loved Django Unchained, this looks very similar. Always eagerly anticipate Tarantino films!

Deadpool: OK, I’m going to just say it: I don’t know anything about him. But this is a hotly anticipated 2016 film and I’m a superhero fan, so I might just make it a point to watch this.

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. That is all. Seriously though, she’s gonna be awesome.

X-Men – Apocalypse: Hopefully, it’ll be better than Days of Future Past. Yeah, so X-Men, awesome!

Batman vs. Superman: Hmmm, can’t say that I am not worried about this. It will either be genius or a complete train wreck. Seriously, so nervous about what it’ll be like!

Captain America: Civil War: LOVED “Winter Soldier”, hoping that the greatness continues and that the film isn’t too “Avengers-y”

Assassin’s Creed: Obviously film adaptations of videogames are generally abysmal, but I wholeheartedly hope that this is an exception. And Michael Fassbender’s in it, so that’ll be good…

The Revenant: Again, another hotly anticipated film. Be great to start the year off with another Innaritu film. Will Leo win the Oscar though?

Dr. Strange: Again, don’t know anything about him. But it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. So…Yeah. Awesomeness will surely follow.

Star Trek Beyond: A new director could be worrying, but I’m a dedicated Trek fan, so this will be a must see this year.

Warcraft: Never played it. But it’s Duncan Jones and the trailer kinda makes it look like Elder Scrolls, which I have played. A definite maybe.

Hail Caesar!: It’s a Coen Brothers comedy! Obviously gonna see it. Well, unless it turns out like Burn After Reading. Grrrr!

And I will be sure to catch Star Wars VII finally!


And of course, there are some films out this year that perhaps won’t be so good. Or some that other people will love but I couldn’t care less about. So, here’s a chance for me to get angry/annoyed/apathetic/concerned…

Ghostbusters: Will it be a stroke of genius or a complete train wreck? Either way, this film probably should have been left alone…

TMNT 2 (or something like that): Because the first one was so good?

Alice Through the Looking Glass: Again, wasn’t the first one rubbish? And Alice has to travel back in time? Come on!

The Magnificent Seven: WHYYYYY?!

Finding Dory: Don’t Care!

The Angry Birds Movie: Again, WHYYYYY?!

Bridget Jones’s Baby: Good God, stop this madness! And with Renee Zelwegger’s new face as well…

Jumanji: You guessed it, WHYYYY?!

Creed: Don’t like Rocky. Don’t like Sylvester Stallone. Move on.

Well, I guess that’s it. There’s surely some that I’m missing, good and bad; let’s just see how 2016 goes, eh? Please let me know if there’s any that you’re looking forward to or dreading!

Happy viewing everyone!



3 thoughts on “Films of 2016:The Good, The Bad and the “Whyyyy!?”

    1. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Any other films that you’re gonna be watching/avoiding? 😊
      Umm, sometimes comment on Taste of Cinema, some WordPress pages and contribute as much as I can to Kermode and Mayo.

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