Final Thoughts: “Blue Eyes”

I can hardly remember watching the first episode of “Blå Ögon”; it seems as though an eternity has passed, although that’s definitely not a judgement on the series’ quality. This has been the fourth “Walter Presents” series that I’ve completed so far and it confidently holds its own against the likes of Spin and Heartless.

On the positive side, the series features some incredibly tense, exciting moments; the eighth episode in particular is thrilling from start to finish. So it’s clear that the series is at its best when primarily focusing on the Veritas terrorist group and the storyline featuring Sofia (Karin Franz Körlof) and Simon (David Lindström); the former is the most interesting character in the series and her character development is at the heart of it. In addition, Adam Lundgren is suitably chilling and menacing as Mattias, with his unique, steely blue eyes.

The series manages to maintain good quality over the course of its ten-episode run and there is surely enough going on to hold our interest. “Blue Eyes” is noticeable for primarily featuring far right politics and this certainly gives the series a USP; we see (worrying) similarities with real life politics and this air of pseudo-reality makes it all the more watchable.

However, some of the storylines, mainly the ones concerning the central conspiracy regarding uranium mining, can be quite hard to follow and more often than not, we have some trouble remembering just what is going on and who’s who. I don’t think that the conclusion quite lives up to the expectations set up by the first few episodes and the series should have probably been a couple of episodes fewer. “Blue Eyes” perhaps tries to do too much and certain characters/storylines are superior to others.

Consistently engaging, intelligent and gripping, “Blue Eyes” is a great watch that provides plenty of political intrigue as well as tense, exciting drama.

★ ★ ★ ★

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