Aaaaand . . . that’s 1,000! Grab a piece of imaginary cake and/or an imaginary glass of champagne and join me in celebrating! (Just don’t go getting imaginary drunk, then driving your imaginary car and then getting put in the imaginary drunk tank! I can’t handle another imaginary lawsuit . . .)

I’m so glad that its got to this point and that I didn’t give up at the 500 mark. I’m also glad that it took me half as long as it did with my previous blog. I’m ALSO glad that I forgot the login details of that blog, which required me to start this one!

Seriously though, starting this film/tv blog was a great idea; it’s a great project to work on and improve over time and it definitely seems as though I’ve found the ideal outlet for all my cinematic/televisual opinions. A real labour of love, indeed.

So how ’bout a couple of 1,000 views stats?

Most popular posts (not including “Home Page”)

  1. “Deadpool”: “What’s my name?!” (105 Views)
  2. “War and Peace” Episode Three (88 Views)
  3. Final Thoughts: War and Peace 2016 (36 Views)
  4. “War and Peace” Episode Five (33 Views)
  5. “The Revenant”: Bears, Blood, Tall Trees and Treachery (27 Views)

So a load of people like “War and Peace” and “Deadpool”, then? 😉

My blog is most popular in . . .

  1. U.K. (478 Views)
  2. U.S.A. (325 Views)
  3. Canada (26 Views)
  4. Portugal (23 Views)
  5. Ireland (20 Views)

So a generous following from here in Blighty and across the pond as well! On the subject of countries, I’m amazed that my blog has been viewed at least once on every continent. No, I’m not including Antarctica! 😁

So, that’s about it. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts (those who didn’t just stumble onto my page by accident!), to the 629 visitors and to my 38 followers. Here’s to the next 1,000 views; hopefully I won’t leave the blog for a while, come back, forget my login details and have to feckin’ start all over again!


Plain, Simple Tom

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