Final Thoughts: “The Border”

Another offering from Walter Presents, this 6-part Polish drama series is all about a modern day border patrol unit between Poland and Ukraine, specifically focusing on Captain Wiktor Rebrow (Leszek Lichota). After a bomb attack on his unit, he finds himself as one of the chief suspects, investigated by prosecutor Iga Dobosz (Aleksandra Poplawska), and he soon discovers a plot afoot involving arms trafficking and smuggling.

Probably the most laudable part of The Border is the cinematography; it treats us to magnificent, beautiful landscapes (I was lucky enough to watch the first episode in HD!) and the series design is excellent. The colours are ideal and it is clearly a visually impressive series. In addition, the opening title sequence is great, making effective use of bright red to signify blood, and the music that accompanies the main title is menacing and suggests danger.

The writing of this series is excellent; it is definitely relevant in this day and age, adding a definite air of realism and honesty. The dialogue is just right and the story is clever and intelligent. Admittedly, I didn’t exactly follow everything that was happening but I cannot deny that the writing was note perfect, grounded and smart.

For me, the best character was prosecutor Iga Dobosz; perfectly played by Aleksandra Poplawska, she is strong, confident, determined and steely eyed, an extremely engaging, fascinating presence indeed. Poland’s own Samuel Gerard.

Also, the series has an ideal length – 6 episodes. This ensures that no time is wasted and the viewer isn’t bored by the end.

A confidently written, relevant, intelligent, grounded series with great performances and stunning visuals.

★ ★ ★ ★

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